24 Mar 2008

The future printing press?

Posted by Deborah

I remember hearing about electronic books a couple of years ago, but they didn’t seem to take off – at least not yet. Here’s another product along the same lines that Amazon has come up with called the Kindle. It’s wireless, so you can download books, magazines, newspapers and so forth. Thanks to my mom for pointing this out.

(I wonder if newspapers have to do any sort of special formatting to get their content delivered through this. Or maybe Amazon takes care of that.)

I read a lot of news online, simply because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get things like the NYTimes or Chicago Tribune where I live, and of course, it’s free. But there’s something about flipping through the printed paper that I just can’t get through machines. I notice things I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to look at, and I can clip something out or take the paper with me to read at the gym. Plus, I never buy ink for my printer so those print-at-home coupons are useless to me. 🙂
I hope I’ll always have the chance to hold a real paper in my hands. But let’s be honest here – I think Amazon’s on the right track. It’s not hard to believe when you see newspapers continually tightening their belts. Recently, I found out that The Capital Times, the Madison daily that I’d worked for as an intern both in Madison and from D.C. as a political correspondent, had reduced publication to once a week. BUT, they still have a daily Web site. We’ll see how that goes. Still, what a blow to see a paper you worked at essentially one step from shutting down. I can’t imagine how the people who’ve worked there for years must feel.

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