27 Apr 2009

Oooh, Mexico

Posted by Deborah

Poor Mexico. First drug cartels, now an earthquake and swine flu.

Yesterday I was so excited because I stopped into a Mexican bodega for something to drink and found a pina flavored Jarrito (pineapple soda). In Mexico they used to “recycle” the bottles by buying 2-liters of the soda, pouring it into the glass bottle and recapping it. You could always tell because the soda came up to different levels in each bottle. No wonder I was sick so many times there. But I did survive, thankfully.

My little Jarritos experience prompted me to buy a “huevos rancheros” burrito from Whole Foods later that day. Mexicans don’t really have burritos, and the huevos rancheros usually have more of a tomato sauce flavor to them than the burrito filling. So, overall, it missed the authenticity test by miles. But I have to say, it was tasty. Maybe I can get some real Mexican food if this flu scare results in lower airfares.

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