23 Jul 2008

Hello, SoJersey and Philadelphia

Posted by Deborah

Yeah, it’s been a long time…I think at least three weeks. Sorry about that. I do, however, have a good excuse. These past three weeks have been spent dealing with major turmoil at the Observer, making big decisions about job changes and trying to relocate to a new city. I was going to say that packing was the most annoying part but finding an apartment in Philly has been far worse. (Seriously, who do I have to sleep with to get one? Kidding, of course. Well, kind of. I’m sure paying someone off will be required.)

I’ll post a more detailed account soon, maybe even some photos. But the abbreviated version is that I took a job covering the city of Camden for the (South Jersey) Courier-Post. It’s a smaller paper than the Observer, but I’m excited to be writing about Camden, which has national reputation for crime, corruption, poverty and all kinds of other titillating stuff. I’m living in Cherry Hill temporarily, subletting a furnished room probably until September (that is, if we ever find an apartment). Around that time, Seth should have his new job lined up and we’ll move into our own place.

And here’s a plug for my new paper, www.courierpostonline.com. They do a good job with online extras, so you can often find slide shows or maps online that aren’t in the print version.

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