26 Apr 2009

SPJ + Barcamp Philly = Mediasphere

Posted by Deborah

My head is swimming with words like “twitter” and “convergence” and “web ninjas.” I guess that’s natural after spending Friday and Saturday at the Society of Professional Journalists regional conference.

Saturday was really cool because we had the chance to attend sessions focused on the technological end of sharing information. These were hosted by Barcamp, a free conference where the people who attend actually present the sessions. There’s a board with blank note cards in each hour-long time slot, and you can literally pick one up, write a topic that you want to discuss on it and then wait to see who shows up. It was such a cool concept. You end up with a much more collaborative, interactive forum rather than a session where someone is talking and everyone else is listening for the majority of the time.

Anyway, I learned quite a bit. It also pushed me to test out the latest fad – twitter. We’ll see how much time I have for it. I worry that it’ll become like blogging – something I enjoy doing but find myself forgetting to do because I just have too many other things going on. I wonder how much more time I’ll have when I’m done with the wedding planning. Seth thinks I’ll just find other things to fill my time. He’s probably right.

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