27 Dec 2010

A column and a profile

Posted by Deborah

Just to expound on what’s occupying my time these days….

I mentioned that I took a job at the Exponent. I’ve been mostly writing features and education pieces, as well as managing the Facebook/Twitter accounts. Recently, I wrote a column about the role Jewish media has played in my family and how social media is figuring into that for me. In case you’re interested, here it is.

On the dance fitness end, this has been a slow two weeks due to holidays but Seth and I have put together a full schedule for 2011 including a new “Frisky Fridays” program. If you’re curious, it’s all online here and the Zumba classes are also detailed on my “Zumba Instructor Network” profile. I joined the ZIN recently since Zumba has proven to be my most accessible and popular class offering.

Best of all, we’re in the process of converting the basement into a dance studio. It’s mostly for me to use as a practice space, but I may eventually hold some regular classes there. The tile is already in. I’ll post some photos once the removable dance floor is installed!

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