27 Apr 2008

Reflections on Passover

Posted by Deborah

I heard lots of interesting news about Passover this year, including an NPR report about a pizza sales spiking in Israel because secular Jews were rebelling (unfortunately, I can’t find the link online). AP has a similar story about the controversy to allow bread sales during Passover, though it doesn’t get into the specifics of the pizza industry. Not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, we should respect each other’s differences. Just because the Ultra Orthodox are a strong group in Israel doesn’t mean they should control what others do who don’t hold the same beliefs. On the other hand, Israel is the Jewish state and is it really such a big deal for everyone to make a few sacrifices to live a “Jewish” lifestyle for one week for the sake of preserving that identity?

Maybe my Israeli friends want to weigh in on this – anyone?

Another story I saw, which affected me here in Charlotte, was about a Manischewitz manufacturing blip that meant no matzah crackers for Passover this year. In fact, the grocery stores here told me that they only got half of their normal inventory of whole matzahs and some other kosher products because of the problem. Apparently, all the Harris Teeters were out of matzah and the two other grocery stores I checked had no idea what I was talking about. “Matzah wha?” was the response I got from the check-out guy at BiLo.

Anyway, I was saved by a friend who had stocked up in advance with a case of Matzah from Costco. I still have a few pieces leftover and Passover ends tonight.

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