11 Aug 2008

More on the move

Posted by Deborah

As promised, here’s a better update about the move to Philly.

Seth accepted a job with Comcast. He’ll be working on their streaming video Web site, where you can watch shows that you might have missed without having to worry about recording them. I’m sure he can explain this better or provide a link or something. Best perk for me: free cable and internet, woohoo! He’ll also be working in the tallest new building in the city. The gigantic video screen in the lobby has become a kind of tourist attraction. People just stop by to watch the video shorts. Apparently, the clips change every so often, too, so you can always come back to see something new.

Here's Seth in front of his new office

My job is going fine. I really enjoy covering Camden. There’s plenty of unusual news to write about and I use my Spanish all the time.

We did finally settle on an apartment after several frustrating weekends of searching. This place isn’t ideal, but it’s in a great location near lots of nightlife, shops and restaurants in Old City. We’re going to have to get creative about creating storage space because there’s not much of it. In fact, we’ll probably have to build a kitchen counter or something.

Anyway, we do the big move in two weekends. I’m sure it’ll be exhausting but we’re very much looking forward to being in the same city for a change. Here’s a video of our empty apartment if you’re interested. Maybe we’ll do another one once we get settled in.


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4 Responses to “More on the move”

  1. Just to follow up. One Comcast Center is not only one of the tallest new buildings in the city, but *the* tallest building! Also, that photo of me isn’t just any cool building, but actually the Comcast Center itself. You can take a look at the site I’ll be working on here: http://www.fancast.com



  2. The apt. is nice!! And now you get to shop for a kitchen island — fun!



  3. you know, I thought we took a picture of the Comcast building but then for some reason it didn’t look like what I remembered when we went back there a second time. I fixed the caption. Seth, you should also add the photo of the view from the top floor that you took during your interview if you get a chance.



  4. Nice looking apartment. Seema and I both miss having Sunny. We’ll flip a light or start the microwave and do a double-take when there is no squawking.



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