25 May 2008

Green cars

Posted by Deborah

In Europe, Seth and I saw Smart cars for the first time. The two-door cars are so small, you can park them perpendicular to the curb like a motorcycle. They seemed to be everywhere we went.

I still fully intend to drive my Toyota Corolla to the ground. If I’m lucky, I’ll have another four years to do that. But I’m definitely planning to get a more efficient, environmentally-friendly car next, either a Smart car or some other kind of hybrid or electric car. I read that Smart cars are coming to the states soon, and Volkswagon is already working on smaller cars, one that runs on diesel fuel. Check out this blog for more on green cars: Autoblog Green.

I was considering converting my car to run on vegetable oil, but I heard that it’s pretty hard to do with a Corolla, something about needing to replace the gas tank or setting up a huge rig in the trunk. Let’s face it, I’m just not that mechanically savvy. But maybe I’ll change my mind if gas prices keep escalating. I recently read a hilarious article about people stealing used grease that restaurants had set out for biodiesel companies to collect. Maybe there won’t be any left for me anyway!

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