17 Oct 2007

Viajando con mis padres

Posted by Deborah

So, I had a good excuse to play travel agent/tour guide this month when my parents came to visit on Oct. 3. They had quite a whirlwind tour – six cities in just under two weeks! They started in Mexico City, then we went north together to explore three colonial towns – Queretaro, San Miguel Allende and Guanajuato. All were beautiful and charming, probably the most charming cities I’ve seen so far in this country. We saw tons of ornate churches, cute little plazas and alleyways, art museums, markets, a mummy museum, an indigenous/religious festival parade, parks, more churches, colonial mansions, two museums recounting local legends and a modern dance performance that was part of Cervantino, the annual international arts festival held in Guanajuato every fall.


A view of Guanajuato.


Then, it was back to Cuernavaca to rest and go to school, while Mom and Dad headed off to the beach at Acapulco. I joined them for the weekend and we went on a boat ride to the cleaner beach at nearby Isla de la Roqueta and hung out at the hotel pool.




A view from the hotel room balcony.

I may or may not update this blog with more details, just because I’m pretty worn out from spending so much time editing and captioning and posting the 300-some photos we took. But the captions are pretty complete, so you can get a good idea of what we did from there. Here’s the link.

Queretaro’s Museo de Arte built in a former temple.

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