6 Dec 2007

Billy Bob’s Mexican adventure

Posted by Deborah

For workshops in December, the school began assigning us to various activities. One week, we wrote a play. Our teachers gave us an idea for the plot and assigned our roles, then we wrote the lines.

Our story revolved around Billy Bob (aka Mateo) from Arkansas, who was leaving his wife Bertha (aka Iole) to learn Spanish at Cuauhnahuac. Of course, as soon as he gets there he meets two cute Mexican friends of his host sister Madonna (Kali) – Shakira (Kim) and Petrolina Josefina (Sheila), who both compete for his attention. Meanwhile, his teachers aren’t too happy with his hungover state in class (that would be me, parodying three of our actual teachers at the school).

Eventually, Billy Bob goes home to his faithful wife and everything ends happily ever after. Short and simple, but we had a good time performing for the other students and teachers. It was entertaining, at least to us!

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