6 Sep 2011

Honeymoon!!! (two years later)

Posted by Deborah

So we’ve been married for over two years now (8/9/09), and yeah, sure we went to Mexico for about a week right afterward, but we had always wanted to go backpacking in Europe for our real¬†honeymoon. It only took two years of planning!

Speaking of planning, packing for four weeks of travel is quite a chore. With some recommendations from the Internet and our friend Elena, we were able to figure it out though. I threatened to only bring 3 pairs of underwear, but Deb retaliated with some threats of her own which resulted in me bringing a solid 7 pairs. Essentially we each packed a week’s worth of clothing with the intent of doing laundry when necessary.

Deb borrowed Elena’s well traveled backpack and I bought a spiffy new one from REI. Our final packing performance evaluation occurred at the airport check in desk where Deb’s pack weighed a respectable 18.5 pounds and I scored a win with a mere 12 pound bag!

We got pretty lucky with the flight, since we were on a 767-200 which has a 2-3-2 seating configuration. After some eye-batting with the ticket agent, Deb and I were able to score a couple seats on the side so we didn’t have to deal with a middle seat at all. Of course the only problem with having no strangers is that it limited Deb’s ability to pimp Philly Dance Fitness on the plane.

We both tried really hard to sleep so that we could get going right when we landed in Munich. We had limited success, and probably each got about 3-4 hours worth of sleep. We actually entered the European Union at Brussels where we had a connection from our US Airways flight to a Lufthansa flight into Munich. That wouldn’t have been a problem except for the 3 hour layover. I was pretty zonkered and tried with limited success to nap in the terminal. It turned out that the flight was quite empty and we each had a row to ourselves on the Airbus A319. It would’ve been great to nap a bit more, but we were barely in the air for an hour before landing.

The drama began once we got to the baggage claim in the Munich airport. Since the flight was empty, and our rows were at the front of the plane, we were at the baggage claim really quickly. Germany wasted no time in showing off it’s efficiency since our flight’s bags were ALREADY ON THE BELT. Naturally neither of our bags were there. After some hunting we found Deb’s backpack in the “irregular luggage” area. No comment needed. However, my bag was still AWOL. An initial trip to the baggage service desk informed us my bag “was definitely here.” That was ponderous, since we’d checked every baggage belt multiple times to no avail. Some subsequent harassment of the baggage desk uncovered that my bag got delayed because it got stuck somewhere on the belt system. So we lost 45 minutes and aside from the various notes by my lovely wife that “I should have packed underwear in my carry on,” there wasn’t much pain. Off to Munich!

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